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RBHK x GA reveals exciting NEW elements

Shouldering the hopes of the regional F&B community, Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong x Gourmet Asia, returning on 1-3 September at HKCEC, promises to deliver the best show ever. Our exhibit categories have been upgraded with more hospitality technology, F&B equipment and supplies on offer to help F&B operators resume pace. The show will also be co-located with Natural & Organic Asia, featuring plant-based ...more

HKCEC is ready to welcome events back

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) is ready to welcome events and visitors back to Hong Kong! With a series of preventive measures in place, two of the city’s first exhibitions since the COVID-19 pandemic (i.e. the 98th Hong Kong Wedding Fair and the 99th Hong Kong Wedding Fair incorporating Beauty & Fitness Expo 2020) were held successfully at the HKCEC in May and June respectively. ...more

Intelligent Sterilisation Robot Geared Up at Asiaworld-Expo

To further strengthen the protection of visitors and staff, AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) brings in the Intelligent Sterilisation Robot (ISR) to the venue. The cutting-edge robot equipped with multiple disinfection modes, featuring ultraviolet light steriliser, 360-degree disinfectant spray-heads and air filtration (HEPA), has become a new member assisting the cleaning team in performing rigorous sanitising ...more

ITE Hong Kong AUG 6 – 9, 2020 the Recovery Edition

Having higher expectations of hygiene and safety when traveling, ITE timely business and exchange platform for sellers, buyers and travelers. ITE is the first travel fair in southern China and Hong Kong after Covid-19 outbreak! Also, a major official pavilion to host large scale presentation, exhibition industry association hold Recovery Seminar and Annual Cocktail, and a media group One-Belt-One-Road ...more

Preventive measures implemented at the HKCEC in response to COVID-19

HML has implemented a series of preventive measures in response to COVID-19 at the HKCEC to ensure venue hygiene and safeguard the health of event visitors. HML is also pleased to work with event organisers to implement specific measures applicable to your events. Please check out the details and the video ”HML is Ready” to learn more. ...more

HKCEC is ready to welcome events back

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre is ready to welcome events back to Hong Kong! With a series of preventive measures in place, the HKCEC welcomed the city's first exhibition since the COVID-19 pandemic. The 98th Hong Kong Wedding Fair, a three-day local consumer exhibition rescheduled from February, was held successfully during 22-24 May, attracting soon-to-weds and couples for wedding ...more

ITE Hong Kong in August well received and deem timely for Recovery

Into the month of May, Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong province of China, which have a combined population of around 100 million, all see the easing of outbreak continue, restrictions lift or relax, and recovery pace quicken! Rescheduled to August, ITE Hong Kong 2020 will be the first travel fair held there after the outbreak! Major Markets Emerging Early from Pandemics With total number of confirmed ...more

亚洲国际果蔬展览会 2020年11月18日至20日,新加坡博览中心 亚洲新鲜果蔬贸易中心

亚洲国际果蔬展览会改至11月举办 新加坡/柏林,2020年5月7日 – 为确保给世界各地展商和专业观众呈现一场成功的贸易展,亚洲国际果蔬展览会(以下简称亚洲果蔬展)决定改至2020年11月18日至20日在新加坡举办。 主办方Global Produce Events商务总监欧博意(Will Wollbold)表示:“在与展览场馆合作伙伴、新加坡政府部门以及国际果蔬行业核心人士一起对当前形势进行长时间的细致评估后,我们做出了这一决定。” “我们希望助力全球新鲜果蔬行业于2020年里在亚洲相聚,” 欧博意解释说,“2020年亚洲果蔬展的全球展商报名情况相当不错。但考虑到新冠疫情,我们认为将展会改期到11月中旬对展商和专业观众来说更加合适,这样他们能多出两个月时间为参展做准备。” 新加坡旅游局(以下简称STB)对这一举措表示赞同。 “亚洲果蔬展是全球新鲜果蔬行业重要的展示平台,我们很高兴能在2020年11月18日至20日在新加坡博览馆举办这一展览会。”STB展览及会议执行总监潘正志先生表示,“我们理解主办方Global ...more

SME ReachOut - Fund Fair GO Online/ 生產力局 SME ReachOut - 資助基金網絡互動推廣周

With the aim of bolstering local SMEs to counter the COVID-19-triggered operation difficulties, the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) will launch the first-ever “SME ReachOut - Fund Fair GO Online” from 23 to 29 April in an effort to join force to battle the headwinds. This event will be conducted online via the “HKPC Live”, enabling enterprises to keep abreast of the latest HKSAR Government fund ...more

ITE Hong Kong 2020 New August Date for Tourism Recovery in Markets of Mainland China and Hong Kong

ITE has been postponed to August 6 to 9, 2020 in halls 3 of Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. Designated as the Recovery Edition, ITE will be the first travel fair held after outbreak in Greater Bay Area, which includes China's top cities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, other Guangdong cities and Macau with a combined GDP comparable to the world's 13th largest economy. Hong Kong residents ...more
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